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For instance, on Halloween night, a cook might place a ring inside a bowl of mashed potatoes. Famous for its Scotch whisky, golf, medieval castles, emerald landscapes and unique culture, it is a country of quirky charm and historical mystique.From its Celtic roots to its modern-day iteration, Halloween has taken on many shapes and forms.

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Scotland invites you to embrace the weird and surrender to the wonderful.

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, early settlers of America brought with them European customs that stemmed from the age-old belief that apples were symbols of fertility.

One lost Halloween tradition that springs from this idea involved young women covertly marking apples before dropping them into a tub of water.

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Men would "bob" for the apples; future "matches" were foretold depending on whose apple a man snagged.

Back when apple peeling was a community-wide endeavor in New England, a young single woman would peel an apple in one long strand and toss the peel over her shoulder.

Neighbors would gather at "play parties" to celebrate the harvest by dancing, singing, reminiscing about the dead, and telling each other's fortunes.

Following a tradition that originated with the ancient Celts, single women in Scotland would designate a hazelnut for each of their love interests, then toss the nuts into a fire on Halloween.

The nut that burned to ashes, instead of popping, supposedly represented the woman's future betrothed.

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