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The Jannetta family has been serving up gelato at 31 South Street for more than 100 years, and with 54 delicious flavors to choose from, even decisive types will have a hard time narrowing the options.(If the lines at Jannetta’s are too long, walk five minutes to the Burns Sweet Shop, which carries a limited selection of Jannetta’s flavors.)For a big, rectangular slice of heaven on earth, treat yourself to a decadent fudge doughnut at the Church Street branch of the Fisher and Donaldson bakery.

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The oldest part of the castle dates to 1360, but the Victorian-era furnishings and the traditional walled kitchen garden are the highlights here.

After your tour (guided or self-guided) take the scenic route back to St.

Forgan’s, a smart casual restaurant with an emphasis on local produce and meats, is a local favorite where you can wind down with a nice meal and then blow off some steam with Gaelic music and dancing at the p.m. If you have a group of eight to 12, book ahead to score one of the intimate bothies, semiprivate dining alcoves named after the unlocked huts that are common in the Scottish Highlands.

Try the duck shepherd’s pie or beef bourguignon with a pint of Forgan’s Ale, and save room for the rich and malty sticky toffee pudding.

The adjacent farm shop is a great place to stock up for a picnic and buy local souvenirs.

The Old Course is closed to golfers on Sundays, and walking the course has been a popular Sunday tradition for centuries.

This local favorite is made with a thick layer of creamy fudge on top and a river full of confectioner’s custard inside.

The recipe is kept in parts hidden across five locations, and the owners claim that the secret is only revealed to their “pure-bread Viking bakers” who are equipped with their delectable “weapons of dynasty”: a shield of custard and a sword of fudge. Andrews Resort, you can see where Kate Middleton caught Prince William’s eye on March 27, 2002, while modeling in a transparent dress at a charity fashion show.

Wind up your William and Kate tour at Jahangir, an Indian restaurant that was reportedly one of their favorite places to eat.

(Note the photo of William eating curry on their wall of fame.) It’s hard to find a better value in town than the £6.95 express lunch, which comes with three courses and freshly baked naan bread.

The kilt has been both a practical garment and an important part of Scottish culture since the 16th century.

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