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The robot will start cleaning with Edge cleaning mode and Zigzag cleaning mode.Automatic Self-recharge Function Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner will back to the charging dock and recharge automatically after finishing cleaning.

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Google Talk/Chat/Messenger is normally used by humans to interact with other humans.

However, its underlying technology can also be used as a mechanism to implement software robots.

When the power is less than 20%, it will recharge to 80% and get on with the unfinished work.

10 mm Edge Cleaning Using the wall sensor, the robot keeps a distance of 10 mm from walls and effectively cleans the edges with the side brush.

It is saving the appearance of the device and doesn’t damage your design.

Smart and Elegant Coming with elegant white appearance, the robot adopts high-strength ABS material with IMR processing, wear-resistant, and anti-corrosion.The vacuum remembers its last location, so even if the battery runs out in the middle of a cycle, the unit will recharge itself and come back to the same spot to re-commence cleaning.APP Remote Control The robot also syncs with the Mijia APP, allowing you to switch on and remotely control the device, you can check the sweep status in real time and get a real-time map of the cleanup.The easiest way to install these is with the python pip package manager.If you don’t have it installed, you can install them using apt-get: Finally, you will need to configure the Raspi Bot’s Gtalk username and password.It can reach the maximum air volume of 0.67m3/min, the maximum wind pressure of about 1800pa*.

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