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When her family realised she had disappeared, two of the woman’s brothers sent her text messages in which they abused her “in the most offensive and indeed obscene manner” for leaving her husband and taking her son away, the judge’s ruling says. “They warn her not to return to Saudi Arabia where she is hated and they threaten that they will all three come to London to ‘show you how you will run away from us’,” the ruling states.

“They refer to the scandal which her behaviour has heaped on them.

In one incident recounted to the court, her father attacked her with a piece of furniture and her brother tried to strangle her.

Details of the case emerged in a ruling by the Family Division of the High Court in London.

The judge, Sir Peter Singer, heard the evidence in private to protect the identities of the woman and her eight-year-old son.

At an earlier hearing, she said she would have to lead an “impossibly harsh and restricted” life in Saudi Arabia if she was forced to return to her husband.

There is a vivid threat ‘that if anything happens to her mother I will cut your head off like we do to the sheep’.

They claim that ‘No one will protect you now’.” Although the woman’s husband has said he is prepared to divorce her, the judge was told that as a divorcee under sharia, she would then be expected to obey the orders of her father.

A Saudi woman who fled to the UK with her young son after leaving her husband has told a court how she received death threats from relatives – one of whom told her they would “cut off your head like we do to the sheep” for bringing shame upon their family.

The woman, who is in her 30s but has not been named, is claiming asylum in Britain after her decision to separate from her husband angered her family.

The woman told the judge that both she and her husband’s families were “steeped” in Saudi culture and adhered to the principles of sharia.

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