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The contact form created in Chapter 1 is not yet fully functional.What happens if a user submits an invalid email address or if the message the user submits is empty?

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The labels are in Swedish but you can see the translation in the First the good news: You use prepared queries which is a good thing as it prevents SQLInjection one of the most nasty and common security breaches. But you should improve the following things: Add a CSRF token!!

, otherwise a new administrator can be added by performing a CSRF attack on one of your users that are allowed to add users.

An average user can only select one of the displayed choices, but other values can be submitted using tools like the Firefox Developer Toolbar, or by simulating a request with tools like Figure 2-2 breaks down the interaction between the application and the user. When the user submits the form, either the input is valid and the user is redirected to the thank you page, or the input includes invalid values and the form is displayed again with error messages.

Figure 2-2 - Interaction between the Application and the User A symfony form is made of fields.

Each field can be identified by a unique name as we observed in Chapter 1.

We connected a widget to each field in order to display it to the user, now let's see how we can apply validation rules to each of the fields.

*/ function validate_registration( $firstname, $lastname, $address, $postal_code, $city, $usertype, $email, $password, $confirmed_password ) Your current code catches DB-Errors in your validation function.

While you are correct that it is important to handle errors, this is not the right place to do it.

A DB-Error will make your application useless therefore you want it to reach the main try catch block of your application, in which you should handle the error.

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