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Because they are small, fast-growing, and relatively simple, they also make an ideal system for understanding the organization of ecological communities.

Today I'll talk about mathematical approaches to understanding three ways phytoplankton communities are organized: in space, in time, and in chemical composition.

A bootstrap method is introduced to evaluate the range of the forecasts, which uses Fraiman and Muniz's order for functional data. Gonzalez Manteiga) pm Friday, September 10, 2004 Graph Theory Seminar: Curvature of infinite graphs and Higuchi's conjecture by Csaba Biro (School of Mathematics, Georgia Tech) in Skiles 255 The speaker will present a paper by De Vos and Mohar that proves a conjecture of Higuchi, stating that every locally finite 3-connected planar graph with positive curvature at every vertex is finite. pm Friday, September 10, 2004 Geometry and Topology Seminar: Approximations of short maps by PL-isometries by Svetlana Krat (School of Mathematics, Georgia Tech) in Skiles 269 A PL-map between two polyhedral spaces is a continuous map which, for certain triangulation of the spaces maps every simplex from the first space to a simplex in the target space in a linear fashion. Zalgaller that any 2 or 3-dimensional polyhedral space admits a PL-isometry into \Bbb R^2 (\Bbb R^3 respectively).

This presentation will focus on what is nanotechnology, what is the fundamental science in nanotechnology, what are the challenges in developing nanotechnology, and what are the potential and impacts of nanotechnology. Here we discuss continuing progress on a problem which is now 30 years old: How well does the First Fit Algorithm (Greedy) do in coloring interval graphs.

The presentation will include a discussion of why the problem is interesting, what has been done to date, what techniques have been developed and applied, and what is left to do. pm Wednesday, September 8, 2004 Analysis Seminar: Construction of Compactly Supported Pre-Wavelets in Sobolev Spaces by Ming-Jun Lai (Department of Mathematics, University of Georgia) in Skiles 269 We show how to construct compactly supported prewavelets in Sobolev spaces. In particular, compactly supported prewavelets in L_2 can be constructed using the method.

However, it yields a pre-Riesz basis for Sobolev space in the multivariate setting. pm Thursday, September 9, 2004 Stochastics Seminar: Functional samples and bootstrap for predicting sulfur dioxide levels by Serge Guillas (School of Mathematics, Georgia Tech) in Skiles 269 In this study, enhancements of several functional techniques are given in order to forecast sulfur dioxide levels near a power plant.

The data are considered as a time series of curves.

Such equations arise, for example, in the study of thin films, for which planar waves correspond with fluid coating a pre-wetted surface.

An interesting feature of these equations is that both compressive and under compressive planar waves arise as solutions (compressive or under compressive with respect to asymptotic behavior relative to the un-regularized hyperbolic system), and numerical investigation by Bertozzi, Munch, and Shearer indicates that under compressive waves can be nonlinearly stable.I'll end with an advertisement for participation in an undergraduate training grant at the interface of mathematics and biology. pm Tuesday, September 14, 2004 Algebra and Topology Seminar: Topological complexity of Pfaffian sets by Thierry Zell (School of Mathematics, Georgia Tech) in Skiles 269 In this talk, I will introduce the notion of Pfaffian function due to Khovanskii, and describe the notion of relative closure of a semi-Pfaffian couple, a construction proposed by Gabrielov to describe the o-minimal structure generated by Pfaffian functions.I will then discuss effective upper bounds for the Betti numbers of such sets in terms of the complexity of their description. pm Tuesday, September 14, 2004 PDE Seminar: Approaching non quasiconvex problems of the calculus of variations with affine boundary data by Giovanni Pisante (School of Mathematics, Georgia Tech) in Skiles 255 We study the existence of minimizers for problem of the type inf where \phi is an affine function.It was established then that any short map from a 2-dimensional polyhedral space to \Bbb R^2 can be approximated by PL isometries.An application of this result is a solution of one of V.We will approach this problem using the theory of differential inclusions, and we will see that this method allows us to get a general theorem which contains as subcases many well known examples that in literature were solved with ad-hoc methods. pm Wednesday, September 15, 2004 Research Horizons Seminar: Quaternions and Octonions by John Pearson (School of Mathematics, Georgia Tech) in Skiles 255 The speaker will introduce the quaternions and the octonions.

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