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Use Change Manager with Schedule Manager to create work breakdown structures that you can use to plan and schedule the changes you are making to your product.You also need the Workflow to Scheduling Integration option installed and configured.If desired, enable the Change Manager menu commands in the thin client by setting the WEB_Enable_Create_Change preference to true. Define your users, including groups, roles, and access rules. Start Change Manager In the navigation pane, click Change Manager.

Workflow Designer must be available to process a change.

You update the status (such as moving the Disposition attribute from Investigate to Approve) in a workflow process.

You can articulate the work required to: Implement a change.

Assess its impact on any managed business items, such as parts or documents. Change Manager can be easily configured to use your change process.

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Checking in a PR and submitting it to a workflow process.

Adding business objects to the PR Problem Items and Reference Items folders.

Note Enable Change Manager The Teamcenter change management process does not support displaying substitutes on separate BOM lines in Structure Manager.

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