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And really, can you make a whole relationship sweet (romance) and spicy (sexy time! That's a huge task for one little "24-hour" period of time, you know. Something like "I can't wait to see you naked tonight." If you just giggled out loud saying that, go tamer with "I want to show you my panties later." And if you're really racy, get descriptive! Day 2: Shower Time You don't always have time to have sex, but you should have time for a shower. It doesn't have to lead to sex — it could just be five or 10 minutes of sensual time together. Tuck a shot of the two of you, prekids, into your significant other's bag, wallet, or wherever! Send a tender image via text — make sure though it's from the early days of your courting. Maybe it's while you're catching up on your DVR, or perhaps it's just a five-minute shoulder rub while he's shoving down breakfast.

Between wiping mouths and butts and screaming phrases that make you sound exactly like your mother, step away from mommy duty for a minute, grab your big-girl sexy panties, and take on the 28 Day Romance and Sex Challenge! This "challenge" is full of simple yet fun and easy things you can do in the month of February to spice up life with your old ball and chain! If your kids catch you, just explain you're cleaning Daddy's boo-boo. Day 3: Go Commando I'm not suggesting you pull this off at a playdate, but find an opportune — or inopportune time, if you're a kinky mommy — and leave the panties in the laundry hamper.

The set-up is super easy to navigate and the nice, large photos are top notch.

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" You probably say I love you a billion times, but after a while, how much weight does that carry? Day 25: Just For You If you don't know, ask your partner what his favorite "porn" themes are.

Day 12: The List It's very common for couples to talk when there is a problem or issue at hand, but how often do you just stop to tell your partner, "Hey, you're awesome? Day 22: Sexy Sunday Remember when you could lie around in a t-shirt and panties while having sex or eating comfort food all day with your partner on a Sunday prekids? Drop the kids off at the grandparents, and spend the day in your skivvies. Tuck in a note that tells your partner how much you love him.

You may feel like a klutz or a bit foolish, but add another tune on Pandora and keep the flow going. But grab a time that's not below zero, and head out for a walk with your love. (Just like you wish you could do as a mother sometimes, right? Day 19: Sexual, Chocolate Bring woman's best friend chocolate to the dinner table .

Give him a glass of wine or a beer first, and then take a spin on the living room "dance floor" to some music. Day 9: Role-Play It's time to get down and dirty (naughty schoolteacher) or slow and easy (nurse wife at your services). If you're ambitious and open-minded, send him a text telling him that the teacher needs to see him after the kids are in bed for a serious lecture — he won't know what hit him! If your acting chops make people want to chuck a tomato at you, just stick to a little bit of dirty talk during sex. If your kid catches you, tell her you're just playing dress-up like she does. Day 10: Take a Stroll I understand that for some of us on the East Coast and Midwest, it's a tad bit nipply out — no pun intended! Just be sure to get a babysitter or even just a neighbor to watch the kids for 30 minutes even. Day 16: No Sex, Just Kissing Remember when you had to tell your boyfriend, "No second base? Stick to just the three bases — do I need to explain those? Day 18: Food = Love Make your loved one's favorite meal for dinner — and let him eat it by himself, in peace and quiet. Day 14: Be the Model Let your partner pick your outfit out for the day. Then, watch it alone a few days later, but no matter how fat you think your thighs are (they're not! Changing "location" is good for your sex life, and a public act just ups the excitement. All these milf women can be viewed for free on live webcam. If you want to request something in their show you can tips them tokens or start a private chat. Day 11: The Quickie Pick 20 minutes out of your day — whether it's during a nap, midnight, or 5 in the morning, and have a quickie with your partner . Day 13: The Public Act Pick a public place to get naughty. If you can't get a babysitter, fool around in the car late at night. Sure, but once all the "body parts" activate, you won't feel so stupid.

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