Sex chat line work uk

After I did my intensive and sometimes very boring research, I found that Live Lines appealed to me in a big way.

Firstly, when I called the office, they actually picked up the phone and secondly, their friendly nature and experience of taking calls put me at ease straight away. However at the time I was not and I just desperately needed to earn money, just to pay for the basics of life.

We are also hiring males who are comfortable speaking with other men. Get your own toll free phone number, 5 extensions and free web page. The messages are coming from an adult dating network and can be erotic.

You can sign on and off when you want and we are are female owned and operated. Phone sex, therapist, couples, fetish, sex counselor, dominatrix, financial domination and more. We are a professional company that is seeking text chat operators to answer text messages from home.

With regards to terms, we mean what is expected of you as an Operator, the pay details and the working hours.

Also, it is good to note the companies regulations when it comes to taking calls.

If the line is not busy then your earning potential will be greatly affected.

I am glad to report that here at Live Lines, we are exceptionally busy and we continue to show growth which is somewhere that we definitely want to be.

Make sure that your work is safe, there is nothing more upsetting and deflating than working exceptionally hard and not receiving payment for all of the calls you took.

Make sure the Company is reputable: I'm not saying that every NEW company is dubious but to work for an established company can give you that level of security that a new company cannot.

- You must do both text and Voice chat when logged in. Girls and guys are needed, and top performers can make upwards of per hour! We are looking for only the best online texting agents.

- You can work using your mobile phone (Android) or computer. You must type at least 65 words Per MIN and have great reading skills and good comprehension of English. Must have Lap top or Desk top with reliable web connection. The BEST and ONLY bi weekly pay outs for this type of job are with us.

It is always really important to know the rates of pay, these should be available to you before you apply for the job. Normally you can get a good feel of this by doing your research.

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