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The only complaint I have is when they attempt to get taxpayers to pony up for new venues such as stadiums and such.Even if you don't attend sports events and don't like sports, they expect you to pay for it.I really don't like either Trump or Clinton, but Clinton really scares me.

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At this time and place in history, Nestle is the culprit. Tell friends and family the ecological reasons for having made the change. Confront the Ontario government, to get back the rights sold to Nestle (or any others who would try to make purchases of land rights for the same purpose), and to forbid a similar sale. Urge the Ministry of Education to launch a school campaign to teach sustainable use of water resources, especially countering the use of bottled water and other drinks that are so packaged. Urge local schools and school boards to think of ways to impress this need for change upon students, such as putting a halt to the use of plastic water bottles on school property.

Yes, a boycott might turn a head or two, on the fringes of their vast business empire, but a boycott will fizzle out, and the business will carry on as before. (Hopefully, you will continue to broadcast this issue for many weeks to come, eliciting ideas from listeners.) Who can be blamed for this enormous "take" of the water beneath Wellington, and beneathe so many other cities, counties and unpopulated lands? Each one of us, who uses this product, is very much at fault. Teach about "responsible stewardship" of natural resources, including water.

This is far beyond policy disagreements he truly is a disgusting person.

I truly can't fathom how anyone can witness Trump's continual childish, boorish behavior total disrespect for others but still support him.

I don't starve myself and can still have as much junk food as I want on occasion, just not all the time. At my annual doc appt., I told her I was really tired all the time and she ordered a blood check of my B12.

It was way, way below the normal level -- because I had stopped eating steaks and burgers! To the Motts, in response to the show of October 1, 2016 Subject Nestles Water Grab, in Wellington, Ontario Carol and Paul, You are doing a great service by publicizing what is an "environmental disaster", created by an industry "gone wild", and by the millions of unsuspecting individuals who buy plastic bottles, filled with any kind of liquid for human consumption.

We did not bail them out in support of the company ownership and share holder but rather in support of the labour force. Maybe the bailout should have come with conditions on the CEOs.

GM and for that matter will go to where it is most financially beneficial. Regards Tom I totally agree with you Paul when you say that it costs the public nothing to pay for these huge salaries earned by pro sports, if you don't go to the games.

It bothered me to see the OPP video clip of the cop pulling over an obvious offender last week on a major highway, and just give him a warning This right after telling us that the 40 deaths so far this year attributed to distraction, almost double that of 21 killed by drunks on the road I bet if this guy was drinking he would not get a warning If it is a serious as they claim, why still give warnings The time has come and gone for warnings. S., she enabled Libya to fall, so that Gaddafi was taken out ISIS was able to take over...that's why Trump says Clinton Obama created ISIS.

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