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She wondered how the spit would feel, if it would hurt, if she had made the right decision, but not wanting to let Serge down either.

Her mind darted about, wavering between fascination and wanting to help her friend, and fear that something might go wrong and things would go farther than she anticipated.

The images of the previous night's restaurant trip were on her mind.

She took a deep breath as she regarded the workshop she had toured the day before. " she looked at him wide-eyed with surprise at the suddenness of his request. If you want to do it in the house I can give you a bathrobe for the yard," he gestured for effect.

Her eyes continually were drawn back to the machine and the rack of gleaming, polished spits. "Oh, that would be helpful," she smiled with relief. " she giggled at the thought as he lead her back into his home.

He carefully bound them, not too tight but not so loose that she could get out. "Ok; that's not so bad," she admitted with some relief, wiggling my fingers.

The brunette's breasts were pushed forward by the bonds looped around her wrists. "OK, take your position on the mark when you are ready," he said, turning away from her fair form to go to the spit ram and controller. " she confirmed, glancing at the spots on the floor.Taking a sip from the water she looked at herself in the mirror.She turned, examining her curves, hoping she was good enough for what he had planned, and hoping that all he had planned was a test and nothing more."Great;" Serge smiled with enthusiasm as he saw her coming towards him."When you are ready take of the robe and I'll restrain your hands behind you," he said, a piece of thick white twine draped over his shoulder. " she questioned, as she began to tug at the belt of the robe. the machine is designed to accept sows with their hands behind their back.Pulling up in front of his house, she took several deep breaths to calm herself.

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