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(The Creek and later refugees who joined them developed as the Seminole Indians of Florida.) During the First Seminole War, General Andrew Jackson fought two separate skirmishes in and around Tallahassee, which was then Spanish territory. Chief Neamathla, of the village of Fowltown just west of present-day Tallahassee, had refused Jackson's orders to relocate.

Jackson responded by entering the village, burning it to the ground, and driving off its occupants.

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In 1824 the third legislative session met there in a crude log building serving as the capitol.

From 1821 through 1845, during Florida's territorial period, the rough-hewn frontier capital gradually developed as a town. Congress voted to give him $200,000 (the same amount he had given the colonies in 1778), US citizenship, and the Lafayette Land Grant, 36 square miles (93 km) of land that today includes large portions of Tallahassee.

Indigenous peoples occupied this area for thousands of years before European encounter.

Around AD 1200, the large and complex Mississippian culture had built earthwork mounds near Lake Jackson which survive today; they are preserved in the Lake Jackson Archaeological State Park.

The expedition of Pánfilo de Narváez encountered the Apalachee people, although it did not reach the site of Tallahassee.

Hernando de Soto and his mid-16th century expedition occupied the Apalachee town of Anhaica (at what is now Tallahassee) in the winter of 1538–1539.

In 1858, the seminary absorbed the Tallahassee Female Academy and became coeducational.

In 1887 the Normal College for Colored Students, ancestor of today's FAMU, opened its doors.

Based on archaeological excavations, this Anhaica site is now known to have been located about 0.5 miles (800 m) east of the present Florida State Capitol.

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