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Although deer eat a great variety of vegetative material, not all plants or parts of plants are good deer forage; nor is every plant, or part of a plant, equally nutritious and palatable to deer at all times of year.

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That same month, Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice J.

Michael Eakin, a Republican, was suspended by the Court of Judicial Discipline for his involvement in the “Porngate” scandal.

She proclaimed her innocence during an earlier press conference on Aug.

13, 2015: “My defense will be that I broke no laws of this commonwealth.

The state Supreme Court suspended Kane’s law license last September.

The Pennsylvania House Subcommittee on Courts has scheduled a hearing next Tuesday to determine whether she should be impeached after an attempt in the State Senate failed last week."If the legislature spent a fraction of the time investigating this content as it has on the one individual who exposed it, we could start to restore credibility to our judicial system and give Pennsylvanians a system of justice in which they can be proud,” a defiant Kane responded. Tom Wolf urged her to "step down as attorney general, because I think she cannot do what she has to do as the top law enforcement officer in Pennsylvania while she's facing these serious charges."Pennsylvania’s first female attorney general claims that she is being targeted for exposing a corrupt “old boys network,” in which the same judges and prosecutors who were supposed to be battling the sexual abuse of women and children were allegedly passing around images of it on state government computers instead.“I told you I would fight corruption, and I'm fighting corruption, regardless of the personal cost to me," Kane said at a Tuesday press conference in Scranton.

Like all animals, deer have certain living requirements essential to their existence; food for nourishment and cover for protection are the two most important. The importance of food to deer is beyond question; deer must eat to survive.

How well they live depends on the quality, quantity, and availability of food.

For example, in one study, deer preferred natural vegetation over a nutritionally complete deer pellet ration in spring when new leaves emerged.

Perhaps the best way to summarize the qualitative aspects of deer food is to relate some findings from detailed studies.

Period,” she told reporters.“The chain of events that led to charges being filed against me did not begin with the printing of a newspaper article in the spring of 2014.

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