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Christopher Flanagan, chief of Narberth Ambulance Company, designed trauma bags for LMSD and other schools and provided training for staff on how to use the items inside like tourniquets, medicated gauze, and other emergency supplies needed to stop external bleeding in the event of an emergency.(Emily Cohen/for The Inquirer) The future of school safety in the post-Parkland era increasingly looks like the large duffel bags that the Central Bucks School District is deploying in every school this fall — a medical kit aimed at keeping gunshot victims from bleeding to death.

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The program, spearheaded by Narberth Ambulance, includes staff training and will cost about $5,000.

Paramedics are also training and supplying the private Shipley and Haverford Schools.

But the stockpiling of supplies is the mark of a grim admission that — with most gun-control proposals on hold and no consensus on how to stop the spike in mass killings — educators need to focus on how best to keep child gunshot victims alive.

“This is one thing that people can do,” said Matthew Levy, chairman of a nationwide coalition of public-health officials and medical professionals called Stop the Bleed.

“If they’re shot in the limbs, it can be a lifesaving measure,” he said, adding that Temple teaches the same technique to people in its North Philadelphia neighborhood.

If they’re shot in the chest or abdomen, “obviously these measures are not going to work,” he said.“This is a piece of the puzzle,” said Kim Everett, the hospital’s trauma prevention coordinator, who acknowledged that teachers are already overburdened but nonetheless wants to see them trained in first aid, including CPR and applying tourniquets. No.” At Central Bucks — hailed by Everett as “a model for the county” — officials are spending ,800 to ,400 on the new kits and planning to train some 150 educators over the summer.For now, Canales said, the plan is to deploy one of the rolling bags — which contain from five to eight individual kits — in each grade school and two in middle and high schools.She thinks they could also learn how to stop bleeding.“I find more times than not people don’t know what to do, but they want to help.Karen Borrelli-Luke, a health and phys ed teacher in Camden, works at Dr.

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