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The meeting will cover all aspects of Immunology, from the more traditional to the most innovative, with emphasis on translational aspects and clinical applications. microbe in the human neutrophil phagosome Chairs: Harald von Boehmer (USA) Stephan Meuer (DEU) Ellis L.

A scientifically inspiring program will be assembled in a range of formats to cover a wide variety of interests and provide the state of the art in all different facets of Immunology. Reinherz (USA) S6.01 Mechanotransduction processes involved in T cell development and cognate recognition Ton Schumacher (NLD) S6.02 Analysis of antigen-specific T cell responses at the single cell level Bruno Kyewski (DEU) S6.03 Generating self-antigen diversity by genome scanning in single thymic epithelial cells Kristen A.

Today Milan is a dynamic and trendy city, a renowned international centre of fashion and design as well as of arts and science.

Jan 10, 2007 - Cutaneous involvement by free living amebas, emphasis on Balamuthia mandrillaris ..... Elka Radeva is an accredited lecturer of the Bulgarian Dental Association. Hypertension and European Association of Echocardiography and member in ...... It will interest both young students and experienced researchers. Tan Tainan, Taiwan 15.10-18.15 GOLD ROOM Chairs: John Kagan (USA) Alexander Poltorak (USA) W1.11.02 - Smurf2 negatively regulates RIG-I-like receptor-mediated immune signalling Yu Pan, J. Jalkanen Turku, Finland W1.11.05 - CD14 as a key regulator of TLR-mediated responses of microglia Hana Janova, T.

CLINICAL AUDIT OF PATIENTS ON LONG PULSE ND: YAG LASER HAIR REDUCTION ...... Claudia Florida Costea; Gabriela Florența Dumitrescu. It will cover the full spectrum from academic research to industry. Zhang Beijing, China W1.06 - MACROPHAGES Chairs: Antonio Sica (ITA) Subhra Biswas (SGP) W1.06.01 - Stabilin-1/CLEVER-1 defines an immune suppressive monocyte population Senthil Palani, K.

We are confident that our scientific organization, together with the well-known Italian hospitality will make the 15th ICI a memorable event. Luciano Adorini President 15th International Congress of Immunology 5 Patronages Under the High Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic With the Patronage of Italian Health Ministry Under the Patronage of 7 Committees Committees Honorary President Sergio Romagnani, ITA President Luciano Adorini, ITA Secretary General Massimo Locati, ITA President SIICA Vincenzo Barnaba, ITA Executive Committee Marco A.

Cassatella, ITA Angela Santoni, ITA Gianpietro Semenzato, ITA Silvano Sozzani, ITA External Relations & Finance Committee Francesco Annunziato, ITA Piergiuseppe De Berardinis, ITA Armando Gabrielli, ITA Angelo Vacca, ITA Congress Advisory Committee Fernando Aiuti, ITA Jean-Francois Bach, FRA Ridha Barbouche, TUN Floriano Bonifazi, ITA Walter Canonica ITA Max Cooper, USA Antonio Coutinho, POR Günnur Deniz, TUR Peter C. Garrison Fathman, USA Marc Feldmann, GBR Alain Fisher, FRA Catherine Sautes-Fridman, FRA Michel Goldman, BEL Jorge Kalil, BRA Stefan H. Kaufmann, DEU George Kollias, GRC Carlos Martinez, ESP Masayuki Miyasaka, JAP Reinhold E.

Rudd, GBR Committees Hannes Stockinger, AUT Yvette van Kooyk, NLD Matthias von Herrath, USA Satellite Meetings Committee Mohamed R.

Daha, Co-Chairman, NLD Carlo Pucillo, Co-Chairman, ITA Alberto Amadori, ITA Luca Battistini, ITA Francesco Dieli, ITA Leonardo Fabbri, ITA Claudio Franceschi, ITA Gianni Marone, ITA Vito Pistoia, ITA Rino Rappuoli, ITA Maria Rescigno, ITA Carlo Riccardi, ITA Mohamed R. The 15th ICI will take place in Milan, Italy and this guarantees another wonderful aspect, namely, the great opportunity for social activities in a most accessible and welcoming city. Abbas (USA) Introduction to the Immune System Andrew H. Abbas (USA) Antigen Presentation, T Cell Activation and Costimulation Abul K. 380 in mi maggiore - Andante comodo Sonata K.427 in sol maggiore - Più presto possibile Pastorale (Allegretto) e Capriccio (Vivace) 16.45 - 19.15 GOLD ROOM Jules Hoffmann (FRA) - Lecture Innate immunity: from flies to humans Introduced by Stefan H. Kaufmann Maria Chiara Pavone e Graciela Dorbessan, sopranos Sandro De Palma, piano Giacomo Puccini Mi chiamano Mimì (from La Bohème) Graciela Dorbessan, Soprano Gioachino Rossini L’invito (from Soirées musicales) Maria Chiara Pavone, Soprano Giacomo Puccini Vissi d’arte (from Tosca) Graciela Dorbessan, Soprano Gaetano Donizetti Lu trademiento (Neapolitan song) Maria Chiara Pavone, Soprano Gaetano Donizetti I bevitori (Duet for two sopranos and piano) Graciela Dorbessan e Maria Chiara Pavone, Sopranos Rino Rappuoli (ITA) - Lecture Designing vaccines for the 21st century society Introduced by Vincenzo Barnaba Francesca Dego, violin Niccolò Paganini Cantabile per violino e pianoforte (Sandro De Palma, piano) Capriccio n. Medzhitov (USA) Inflammation and tissue homeostasis S1 - PATHWAYS IN INFLAMMATORY DISEASES S2 - THERAPY OF AUTOIMMUNE AND AUTOINFLAMMATORY DISEASES Chairs: Paola Allavena (ITA) Yoichiro Iwakura (JPN) Lars Klareskog (SWE) S1.01 Gene-environment interaction studies as a basis for unraveling specificity of adaptive immunity in rheumatoid arthritis Frank Nestle (GBR) S1.02 Inflammatory skin disease: from pathways to targeted therapy Jeffrey V. Kirschning Essen, Germany IL1.11.01 - Regulation of the innate immune responses in wild mice Alexander Poltorak, T. Milan boasts a unique, world famous artistic heritage, of which the best known is Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper. Ravetch (USA) S1.03 A general mechanism for modulating immunoglobulin effector activity Suzanne Ostrand-Rosemberg (USA) S1.04 Tumor-induced myeloid-cell mediated immune suppression: it is all the RAGE Mitchell Kronenberg (USA) S1.05 Regulation of inflammation and mucosal innate immunity by HVEM, a TNF super family receptor Chairs: Moncef Zouali (FRA) Pierluigi Meroni (ITA) Peder Olofsson (USA) S2.01 Neural circuitry regulating immunity: identification of T-Ch At as a discrete T cell subset Roland Martin (DEU) S2.02 Antigen-specific tolerization approaches in multiple sclerosis - principles and recent data David Wraith (GBR) S2.03 Negative feedback regulation of inflammatory autoimmune responses Jeffrey A. This was proven consistently in the past and is guaranteed at the next ICI in Milan, as assured by the outstanding researchers enlisted in the Congress Advisory Committee, the Scientific Program Committee, and other Committees. Hanisch Goettingen, Germany W1.06.02 - Mice depleted of Lyz M macro-phages develop chronic inflammation and deregulated adaptive immunity Roham Parsa, H. We at the IUIS are proud of the triennial ICI, which is by far the most important event in the immunology arena, globally. Zinkernagel, SWI (Honorary) Workshop Committee Vijay Kuchroo, Co-Chairman, USA Pier Luigi Meroni, Co-Chairman, ITA Francesca Aloisi, ITA Diana Boraschi, ITA Rachel Caspi, USA Lucienne Chatenoud, FRA Edecio Cunha-Neto, BRA Anna Erdei, HUN Polly Matzinger, USA Seppo Meri, FIN Marianna N.

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