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In 37 states, legislatures are primarily responsible for drawing congressional district lines.Seven states have only one congressional district each, rendering congressional redistricting unnecessary.

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State legislative district lines are primarily the province of the state legislatures themselves in 37 states.

In seven states, politician commissions draw state legislative district lines.

New Hampshire received its local Census data on March 22, 2011.

The state's population increased 6.5 percent, with Coos County being the only county to face a decrease (-0.2 percent).

The Department of Justice -- which has the duty of pre-clearing New Hampshire redistricting maps under the Voting Rights Act -- approved the maps in May 2012.

On June 19, 2012, several lawsuits regarding the House map were thrown out by the New Hampshire Supreme Court.

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Republicans controlled the chamber from 1992 until the 1998 election.

In 1998, Democrats picked up four seats in the election.

That Democratic majority held until the 2000 elections, when Republicans gained two seats.

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