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(Ethan’s success springs from two collections of misogynistic blog posts about women he’s slept with.) And though it doesn’t take long to perceive that the positions of the two characters, starting from opposite sides on all of these issues, will eventually cross in the middle, the actors, under Schwimmer’s sensitive direction, are convincing as people, not just platforms.

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You can feel the electricity of her awakening to Ethan’s offers of redemption: through sex, yes, but also through the internet. The fascinating question is: If he admits to being an asshole, is he no longer one? In the age of overshare, Eason seems to suggest, it becomes difficult to tell the difference between Twitter and psychopathology.

Magnussen, who as Spike in Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike got good practice embodying immodest boytoyism, has the opposite challenge with Ethan, making this unbridled, appetitive Peter Pan seem human enough to matter to the likes of Olivia. I wish the play could get to these nifty ideas through subtler mechanics; it’s the kind of story in which Olivia’s work must be accepted as brilliant for the plot to turn.

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It turned out he was seeing other people behind my back, so I broke up with him. You did not feel loved or good about yourself when you were growing up.

Now, as an adult, you are desperately searching for love and approval. If you can break this destructive cycle, you will give yourself a chance to find a stable, loving relationship, which includes great sex. will help you understand your behaviour and how to change it.Though only eleven years Olivia’s junior, Ethan Kane appears to be from a different universe entirely, one in which smartphones and i Pads are permanent appendages and sex requires no more deep thought or delicacy than a game of Angry Birds.Needless to say, Ethan (Billy Magnussen) is a Major Hunk; if books no longer have a physical form, this best-selling brah sure does.Follow me on Twitter @deardeidre or write to Deidre Sanders, The Sun, London SE1 9GF In the past five months I have slept with more than 30 men but I know it’s not great.This guy I found on the site last week looked really hot and the talk was very flirty. He lives an hour away from me and we arranged to meet halfway between. We had a quick coffee in a hotel then got a room there. I lost my virginity to my ex and he was the only guy I’d had sex with until we broke up.If you were trying to devise a light comedy for overheated August audiences (and theaters closing out their subscription seasons) you might do worse than a two-hander with a clickbait title and a chilly setting.

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