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I do mean that you must seriously contemplate and establish your boundaries.I had to have this talk too, and I probably did it a little late.

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And that is the essence of what boundaries teach—freedom.” So, we see that we were created to be free, but chose to behave in a way that caused that freedom to be stripped from us (for our protection) and that a sacrifice was necessary to restore freedom to us. A basic definition of a boundary might be God wanted to do away with the evil and brokenness that comes when we misuse our freedom, so the most amazing boundary ever was set into motion and Jesus decided to sacrifice His life for you and I in order that we might experience true freedom and the restoration of self-control. If we examine this explanation of boundaries and apply it to the topic of sex, we begin to understand the importance of good communication and Holy self-control in the expression of this act of intimacy.

Using the context of marriage, I want to attempt to summarize the alternatives to self-control that we need to watch out for based on Cloud and Townsend’s commentary above as it is related to the topic of sex: Part of this process happens when we take time to identify our needs and then figure out how those needs fit with the needs of our partner.

For one thing you want to protect yourself emotionally, because unless married there is unfortunately always a lingering possibility of the relationship ending.

By giving up such a gift, you risk intense pain if the guy decides he’s done.

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With my Christian premarital couples, especially, I get this question a few times a month: “So, what’s okay… ” Typically, I find that the need to even ask a question like this suggests an attempt to justify behavior that feels like it is rubbing against a moral boundary (pun intended).Purity will strengthen the marital emotional bond and commitment as well.The Bible verse I believe best explains the reasons for purity is, 1 Corinthians 13:4.It says, “Love is Patient.” Although that is about as obvious as it gets, somehow I never understood it.Until one day last year when I thought, “Wow, love is patient. 1 Corinthians 13:4 is a great verse to meditate on if you are struggling with establishing your boundaries. We want your feedback: What do you think of Hannah’s boundaries?The last thing you want is to not have thought about it and end up doing something you regret, simply because you didn’t think.

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