Sexual chat bots

The bot converts the information gathered during the session to a signed PDF report for victims to use as a reference tool and proof of what occurred.The bot deletes reports from its database after 30 days.Furthermore, if desired, a user can send the report from Spot’s secure servers to their company to take further action, still without giving a name.

However, social justice chatbots have also met with their share of criticism.

Sim Simi is banned in a number of countries, including Thailand and Ireland, because kids use it to supplement cyberbullying tactics.

Fortunately, there’s Spot, a chatbot that initiates an interview process about any sexual harassment event you’ve experienced or witnessed.

The interview could take as few as 10 minutes or as long as the individual feels is necessary to provide all the details.

However, as you’ve gotten older, personal experiences or headlines involving officers acting with inappropriate and sometimes deadly force in the line of duty may have undermined that trust.

On his show, TV personality John Oliver discussed how one of the issues associated with today’s police officers is a lack of accountability.

Coworkers who are not the direct target of the harassment often hear or see what’s going on and feel uncomfortable.

They may be too scared to report it to the human resources department, fearing potential retaliation or that the HR rep they talk to won’t take them seriously.

Oliver revealed that according to Philip Stinson, a man who tracked what happened after fatal shootings by police via Google Alerts, thousands of such incidents have occurred since 2005, but only 77 officers were charged with murder or manslaughter, and only 26 were convicted.

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