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She had long raven hair, delicate features, big boobs, narrow hips, and long legs.

Debbie could tell all this because the figures clothing was some sort of sheer, flowing over the shoulder wrap around.

The Godmother continued, "I find your disdain for the physically beautiful and the motivations you attribute to them very distressing.

She shouldn't have had too much trouble, being of average height, average built, average looks, average just about everything.

She should have been able to bob and weave her way to her train, but today just wasn't her day as people seemed to block her with every step.

This woman, named Debbie, aged 22 had just completed a fairly desperate job interview, trying to convert her General Arts degree into a full-time career. She hated to think about her bank balance but at least her credit cards provided some cushion.

Debbie squeezed between the crowd at the subway stop, trying to make her train.

Her head was topped with a tiara and her left hand held a long, black, vaguely phallic wand - a wand pointing at Debbie.

Debbie blurted "Who the fuck are you" and tried to rise.

I feel you need to experience being a slut in order to fully grasp their challenge.

I shall change your life to help you truly understand.

Something pinned her to her seat."I am the Fairy Godmother of all Sluts, my dear Debbie. Debbie couldn't speak but could only nod at the remembrance.

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