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But she’s also a teenaged girl, and sometimes she just wants to be like her friends.In summer, that often means she would love to wear flip flops.

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These are the most common question posted in our CHASA support groups.

Hatchbacks -A line of shoes designed specifically to address the needs of children wearing AFOs, DAFOs, and orthotics.

But I am able to walk and no more tripping and falling! And same with me--prior to bracing, when I was much younger, I could never wear a heel more than about 1-1 1/2 inches, then down to 1/2", then I'd fall no matter what the heel. Also--marissa--I'm so glad you found beautiful flats that work for you!

Just always keep your eyes out, and be patient, and eventually you'll build up a nice variety of shoes that work with your braces!

I didn't even think wearing flats would be a possibility so it was very exciting! Dianein CA - the platform sandals with the wedge heel that looks to be at least an inch, doesn't that cause stress on the AFO foot plate, and doesn't the heel height difference make you lean forwards?

I think it s fantastic that these work for you, and I'm only trying to understand how you are able to have any shoe that has any type of heel, regardless if a platform or not. Hi chata55--I find that it's all about the slope. like a heel), then it would make you lean forward, because the AFOs are designed for a flat to slightly sloped (i.e. These particular platforms (Dansko) work for me because they're the same slope as a tennis shoe.These can often be purchased from: Having problems paying for your child’s orthotic?CHASA helps families of children and young adults who have a diagnosis of hemiplegia. My daughter Anna has cerebral palsy, the result of a stroke at birth.I've also been able to wear a Dansko shoe (like the Sonnet) that's a platform. I didn't know you could buy a shoe stretcher I have found that often the shoe will fit the AFO but then be too tight and uncomfortable so that will be helpful. I bought these sandals in 3 colors and wore them all summer long. People thought the braces were some new fashionable style to the shoe! It is really nice to talk to people who are going through the same thing and understand!You might want to buy a shoe stretcher because sometimes, even buying the shoe a couple of sizes bigger isn't quite enough to make the brace fit comfortably. I leave the stretcher in overnight and the shoe is more comfortably fitting by morning. I have tried many boots but the back heel is usually so stiff it doesn't fit the AFO or if it's wide it doesn't hold my foot In place and slides out. And I would love to see some pictures of your shoes if you don't mind! I went to Macys yesterday and actually found a pair of flats that worked and wore them today for thanksgiving!For me, the original shoe inserts must be removed, then my AFO goes into the shoe and the footplate goes from heel to toe, and I have a custom orthotic insole that goes over the footplate.

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