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Doing this will speed up the game because it will take away the number one reason for slowing down the game.

A problem that is common in The Sims Social, especially when it comes to buying stuff for outside of your house, is that you can never put anything behind a wall, even if there’s actually empty space behind a wall.

These seven games let you woo lovers at your discretion.

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Now, though, you will earn only 5 simoleans for watering your friend’s plants.

Even still, though, it’s free money and an easy way to increase your friendship meter and make money just for doing it.

Click on the button that looks like an empty square, and your walls will automatically disappear.

Now, you can build things in areas where you previously couldn’t build before.

You used to be able to water your friend’s plants for free money.

Previously, any plant you water in your friend’s yard would earn you 20 simoleans.

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------------------------------------Enjoying Dream Life?

To try to date or become good friends with another sim, first, you have to be friends.

Build your friendship meter higher and higher by either doing various social actions or by watering their plants. You can do a friendly action, and the game will prompt you to send an invite to be “Good friends” with your friend.

The friends and significant others you select in that portion affect your options and tactics in battle.

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