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Singer is having trouble breaking up with his former mistress, Kasey Dexter.

Following a report confirming Singer had filed documents he hoped would get Dexter out of his home in Florida, a new report claims Dexter hasn't been compliant with the former of Ramona Singer had filed a motion for default on Wednesday, February 7, after Kasey Dexter “failed to serve or file any paper as required by law.” Over a week beforehand, Singer had slapped Dexter with an eviction notice that accused her of unlawfully living at his home without consent.

She’s going to have to go back to their apartment with a police escort,” our source claimed.

Dexter was given 30 minutes to remove her things and allegedly felt that she shouldn't enter the home alone. Because Kasey Dexter was unable to retrieve all of her belongings this week, she is reportedly scheduled to return to the home they once shared in the coming days to get the rest.

In the meantime, she is reportedly staying with the man she allegedly cheated on Mario Singer with.

A source told Page Six on Wednesday that Mario Singer dumped his mistress-turned-girlfriend Kasey Dexter after using a hidden camera to catch her having an affair in their West Palm Beach, Fla., home.

Kasey, 36, met her new man in November and Mario, 64, found out about her tryst on Christmas, our source told us.

Now, this of course could mean they aren't really a couple, but just hanging out and having fun.

However, Kasey captioned a photo shared on April 2: "Nothing is more beautiful than love that has weathered the storms of life!

On January 26, Singer took the first step towards kicking Dexter out of his Palm Beach home when he served her with eviction papers.

However, after she refused to leave, he was forced to call the police.

He also said that because he feared she would accuse him of abuse, he didn't want to enter his home without a police escort present. He also said that Kasey Dexter was "out of control" and refusing to vacate the home.

Meanwhile, Dexter told police that it was her home too and said she would not be moving out, despite Singer's offer to pay her ,000 to do so.

As some may have heard, the former couple came to blows on February 1 and police were called.

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