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Colima volcano photos: This beautiful stratovolcano in western Mexico is one of the most active volcanoes on the American continents.

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The surfing mecca of the world is Oahu’s North Shore, and surfers flock there every winter to witness the best the world has to offer.

History buffs will find their bliss among Honolulu’s cultural gems such as Pearl Harbor and Iolani Palace.

It is one of Kamchatka's easiest volcanoes to climb and offers stunning views into vast craters and the surrounding landscape.

Ibu volcano photos: Ibu in Halmahera is one of the most active, but rarely visited volcanoes in Indonesia.

A spectacular lava dome is growing inside the volcano's breached crater, with frequent explosions.

Ijen volcano photos: Ijen volcano in East Java is famous for its turquoise acid crater lake and the large sulfur deposits that are being mined by local workers.

As our image collection has grown immensely over the past years, we are re-arranging the content - in this page you will find a growing list of volcanoes by name and links to image collections for each.

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Ambrym volcano photos: Ambrym (Vanuatu) is one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

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