Six updater dayz not updating

I will leave my launcher below for posterity, but it won't be updated and doesn't include features like automatic beta patching.

UPDATE June 14th, 2012: The Day Z team have thrown their weight behind six-updater, which you can get from the official Day Z site here.

The idea is that you can use the shortcut this adds to your desktop to launch Day Z every time and it will automatically get the latest version, if needed, and then launch the game.

From my quick testing, the other launchers required input, which was what I was trying to avoid.

Previously you had to download five or so files (I’m too lazy to look right now) and extract each of them into the correct folder.

Then, usually when you couldn’t connect to the game, you had to go back to the Day Z site, figure out which file had been updated, and then download and extract it.

Requirements can be fulfilled by any above combination of Steam, retail and digital distribution packs for Arma 2, Arma 2: Free and Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead as long as each part has been run at least once before.

Dear SIX Updater users, It has been a while since our last blog entry here, since then, a lot has happened.

Six Updater is a tool that makes downloading and updating mods for ARMA 2 a whole lot easier, specifically – for our purposes – Day Z, the uber-popular zombie-pocalypse mod.

Six Launcher has been made the official updater for Day Z by the developers of the aforementioned mod. Well, it means it is now a whole lot less intimidating to install Day Z.

We have created an Upgrade page with details, which is targeted to the old Play with SIX 1.3 client users, but it pretty much applies similarly to you, our loyal SIX Updater users.

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