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We have no problems with fake moans and fake orgasms which are rampant in both the porn industry and adult cam industry, but if this complaint about Oh Mi Bod is true, then that’s a shame because it would put more distrust and disappointment into the token buyers when they find out as well.

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Skype usernames for sexy chat

I contacted ohmibod to see if any of their products will or do vibrate to tip sounds.

I was told the only sounds that they claim to their products is that they will operate to music only !

Subsequently, none of other demonstrators ever showed hands on cam while doing their own tests.

So this kind of ‘evidence’ is actually currently useless, until someone shows us one that has demonstrator’s hands clearly visible.

Here is a common model claim about the Oh Mi Bod vibrator: “ohmibod panties that vibrates at the sound of tips and makes me wet.” Our non-model friends say that the Oh Mi Bod “panties” do not really vibrate at the sound of tips at all, and that these certainly do not make the models wet.

Then our model friend, Eva, who broadcasts on Chaturbate and is not happy with the increasing amount of models who allegedly misuse Oh Mi Bod, told us that the vibrator actually responds to tip sounds and even voices. “When the toy is with light on, then it is on stand-by,” she said.Sincerely, nickisnotmyname” The part about ‘legal action’ may be a little overboard, but it highlights the anger.So if this user’s claim is true, then it means that the models are taking the idea of “faking it” to another level, because most of the times, if you tip the model, she would make a really convincing moan to show you that the Oh Mi Bod vibrator actually vibrated due to your tip, thus encouraging you to tip more. I like men who are rapidly moving from words to deeds! I like men who offer to do something spicy) I like men who are concerned with the fact that I too had an orgasm! ho ho ))))) My personal fetish - cars & hot sex in the cars! We also believe that if this is true, then Chaturbate should ban the false claims as soon as possible.

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