Sophomore girl dating junior boy allentown dating

Crap—I accidentally liked a photo on his Instagram from 37 weeks ago! Sophomore Year: I know that I've been friends with my BGF since third grade and I've totally never thought of him in that way, but now I think I'm starting to fall for him.

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Let's take a look back at the different stages of having a crush every girl goes through, from preschool to college. I kinda secretly wish I could sit in his group, but I'll never tell anyone because, ew. Fifth Grade: Me and all my BFFs have a crush on Josh Henderson. We love to just stare at him on the playground as he shoots hoops with his friends and argue about who he would choose. Jake is kind of cute, and I do have a tiny crush on him, but he's not bae. We totally made eye contact when I went to that One Direction concert. Eighth Grade: I really wish my friends would stop shouting our ship name down the hall anytime Jordan passes by. Yes, I have the biggest crush on him, but no, I do NOT want him to know about it!

Preschool: Prince Eric from the Kindergarden: I really like Liam because he shared his chocolate milk with me, and we both love playing with the parachute in gym class. Freshman Year of High School: OMG my crush asked me what date it was!

Know what's allowed and what's not so you don't get into trouble now or later on.

If things go bad, you can get charges over the smallest things without realizing it if you aren't careful.

If you knew each other before it's not like you went scouting for a high school girl. We started dating when I was a senior in highschool. consequences as adults, but it still goes on their record and follows them through life.

Really, it isn't too hard to avoid trouble if you keep your head on your shoulders, but I really wish we had more common-sense solutions for when No, you're fine.

Remember the way you crushed on someone in second grade?

Yeah, totally different than your current crush sit.

Or that I drive by his house sometimes to see if his car is there. I mean I could totally be driving to a friend's house or something. He even knows exactly how I like my grande mocha—soy milk, extra whip, and extra hot…like him.

College: OMG these guys are even more immature than high schoolers! I love staring at him in class, and I've seen him around at parties.

Sorry for the Life Advice, but the Age Gap Issue has ended up close to my heart.

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