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As you can see here, I’ve put a lot of time into testing this out. if you don’t turn the rule off and see how useful the internet becomes).

After this, there really isn’t much else of anything that we really need to do.

This is better IMO, because turning the filter on and off temporarily disconnects you from everything. However, make sure the “Allow HTTP/S traffic for listed hosts/nets” option is enabled, or you won’t be able to access the internet from these devices.

Additionally, if you need to turn off the web filter temporarily for testing, I would recommend adding the “Any” “device” here, as it effectively allows all devices to bypass the web filter.

In the “source hosts/nets” section, you can specify the PCs/devices on your network that you want to bypass the web filter.

However, Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, Google, Twitch TV, Skype, WLMessenger, Nintendo, and Playstation definitely use direct IP addresses for content, so it’s a necessary evil (trust me on this one…

cachefly\The last entry could be problematic, as it allows any direct connection to an IP address via HTTP/HTTPS.

Was easily able to delete the useless contents and restore everything from a shadow copy.

We paid a lot of money for Sophos protection and it is VERY disappointing to see something as simple as this get through all the layers.

I’m not saying it’s been easy, but fine tuning the web filter, adding exceptions and the like is going to be the hardest part of this by far.

I’m going to cover some of the basic services that you’ll need here, and maybe a bit of how to troubleshoot to identify future issue.

Anyways, one of our users got a phishing email with a web link - "New Voicemail, click on this link to retrieve" and of course they did.

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