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To use the different preprogrammed stitches, you simply reference the stitch key on the front of the machine.Then you change the number on the LCD screen to match the kind of stitch you want.

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At its fastest, this machine only put out 62.3 decibels of sound, making it the quietest one we tested.

The average refrigerator puts out about 50 decibels, and this sewing machine isn't much louder.

The drop-in bobbin is easy to install, but we did notice winding it takes twice as much time as most of the machines we tested.

Still, waiting a full two minutes for a bobbin to wind probably won't bother most new sewers who are just learning how to thread the sewing machine anyway.

Instead of listing them right on the front of the machine, they’re on a separate card, which is a little inconvenient.

Aside from that, it has several great features like a sewing light, extension table, thread cutter and automatic needle threader.

Along with a lot of stitch patterns this machine has a sewing light, thread cutter, instructional DVD, soft case for storage, automatic needle threader and a whopping nine extra sewing feet.

Other sewing accessories like a seam ripper and extra bobbins are also included.

You have a lot to pick from, whether it's a basic straight stitch or something decorative.

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