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This book, presented in the Haynes manual style, examines the famous Second World War aircraft's design construction and operation, with many technical illustrations and photographs, in particular using images of a recently renovated Mk1A.

If the railway created the Victorian seaside resorts by bringing visitors from the cities, the paddle steamer entertained them when they got there, providing pleasure trips for tourists as well as comfortable and affordable travel on coastal routes.

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It is your responsibility to check that you comply with the Conditions listed above.

Note that it is condition 14.2 which allows the train not to call when using a travelcard season as one of the tickets.

It can be useful when using some major stations as a gateway to the world beyond Oyster, like Watford Junction, East Croydon, Orpington, Surbiton, Amersham, Upminster and Shenfield.

Other potentially useful stations are just one stop outside the Oyster area (eg Epsom or Potters Bar).

If your paper ticket is between two named stations then one of them must be within the outer zone of your travelcard (or a dual zoned station with one zone covered).

If your paper ticket is to a boundary zone or includes zones itself then the zones must be adjacent.

Including some images dating to the early 20th century, this collection of archive photographs explores the county's lines during the steam era, including the small branch lines and other interesting aspects of the region's railways, such as the Weymouth Quay Tramway where trains ran on public roads through the town.

As well as being its principal export, coal was also brought into South Wales during the steam era and, along with other freight, mainline passenger trains and local services, comprised the mixed traffic recorded in this portrait of the railway scene in the 1950s and early 1960s.

With PAYG there are no ifs and no buts, you have to get out at the station where you switch from paper to Oyster or vice versa.

This doesn’t necessarily make it useless, but it’s certainly a disadvantage where services are infrequent and/or there are no validators on the platform.

With many photographs, posters and other illustrative material, this history of paddle-propelled steamers in British waters explores their development and impact during the 19th and early 20th centuries as well as their role in the wars and later decline.

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