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These increase with each rank, and peaceful missions have higher rating requirements than military missions.The advisors make suggestions to help achieve these ratings.

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The final level of housing is a luxury palace, but it is difficult to achieve as it has exacting requirements. The general progression of housing is as follows: Desirability can prevent a house from evolving.

In order to evolve, a house also must have a certain desirability in addition to more services.

It is still possible to lose the game and it is therefore advisable to have saved the game regularly to enable a return to a point prior to victory.

However, it is not necessary to attain the objectives during the post-victory period.

The grand insulae is the highest level of plebeian housing.

If provided with even more goods and services, it will evolve into patrician housing, whose inhabitants don't work (but contribute more than plebes to the city's tax revenue).

All movements of goods and coverage of walkers are accurately reflected by citizens walking the streets: a player can watch a farm's crop progress, and when it's ready a worker will push a full cart from the farm to a nearby warehouse or granary; then return with an empty cart. Battles are fought by instructing a legion to march to the enemy, then arrange themselves in a particular formation.

After this the soldiers take over and fight the battle.

City Construction Mode In the City Construction Mode (that is, using the game's separate City Construction Kit), there are no specific objectives; the player simply chooses a city and develops it for as long as desired.

Some of the cities available include Narbo, Toletum, Corinthus, as well as alternate versions of Mediolanum and Caesarea.

When an immigrant pitches his tent, he becomes a plebeian and starts working at places like farms, prefectures, markets, schools, libraries, clinics, etc.

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