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"Crafted by Curtis" dishes are on the MDR menus fleetwide.

If you wonder why to pay extra at Share, here are the cool things about the brand new Curtis Stone restaurant which make it worth the splurge.

The brand new Royal Princess became line's flagship in May 2013, and a year later was joined by a new sister-ship, Regal Princess.

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Launched in 2008, Ruby Princess is the 9th and last Grand-class Princess Cruises ship, together with Caribbean, Diamond, Golden, Grand, Crown, Emerald, Star and Sapphire. The company, which was previously a subsidiary of P&O Princess Cruises, is now one of the ten cruise ship brands owned by the largest cruise ship operator in the world Carnival Corporation & plc. The line's ships sail worldwide and are marketed to American and international travelers.

Princess Cruises is a cruise line headquartered in Santa Clarita CA in the U. Princess accounts for around 19% share of its revenue and is part of Holland America Group, controlling the three Carnival brands based on the U. Princess Cruises company was made famous by the TV series "The Love Boat", in which Pacific Princess was featured.

Before Share, both ships had three main dining rooms, a steakhouse and a buffet, all of which average in terms of overall experience and quality.

From its celebrity chef to its natural ingredients and perfectly sized portions, you won't find food like Share's anywhere else on the ship. The space is open, airy and large, with long tables and more intimate seating arrangements. Share's family-style dining and chic decor allow guests to dress their best and still feel relaxed.

Lunch choices may include unusual dishes like peanut butter sandwiches and fried banana.

There is also the Italian-styled piazza, around which are located the International Cafe (with its wonderful coffees and scrumptious pastries, quiche and chocolate fondue); across the way is Vines, ship's wine and sushi bar (it's got the only really good wine list onboard Ruby).Most Ruby Princess staterooms are 170balcony rooms (680).Almost 80% of ship's outside accommodations have private balcony views.Although there are not too many surprises on this newest Grand-class vessel, there are some gentle improvements and enhancements.On the Ruby cruise ship, Princess has expanded the appeal of the Wheelhouse Bar (pub) to include English-inspired lunches.The vessels are virtually the same in layout and design, so if travelers have sailed on Crown, they will not have any trouble finding their way around Emerald or Ruby.

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