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Artists also can be part of the selection process by referring other acts to Schomer or—soon—by hosting and curating the talent at the shows themselves.Matt the Electrician will be the first Microsessions guest host on March 24, 2018, taking one of the four slots and curating the other musical acts for the night.

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Schomer left the event inspired, and soon visualized the round-robin-style show that became Microsessions in 2016.

Schomer originally envisioned Microsessions as a podcast, broadcast from music hotspots around the country, but later decided to launch it in Austin.

From there, we entered up-and-comer Eric Burton’s lair, where he wooed the audience with heartfelt soul. Adam Ahrens & Bradley Jaye Williams played our fourth microsession of the night.

He won the room over completely by injecting improvised lyrics about the audience into his songs. The duo brought out a fascinating array of stringed instruments, including guitars, ukulele, and even a Puerto Rican cuatro.

“It’s also a matter of listening–to the radio (I’m a huge KOOP and KUTX listener), and to recommendations from friends and Microsessions vets (often the same people!

).” Musicians appreciate playing Microsessions for a number of reasons.

Sharp kept us entertained with personal stories and songs.

Next up was Arielle Laguette, a honey-throated singer who swayed us with her jazzy folk/pop.

Schomer compensates his artists well and emphasizes the undivided attention artists receive at such a focused, intimate affair.

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