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Though both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon are beautiful, it’s not 100% necessary to see both in order to have a fulfilling visit to Page, AZ.

Which branch of the canyon you should see boils down to your party’s physical fitness level: if everyone is OK doing a little stair climbing and scrambling around some small boulders, then you should be fine doing Lower Antelope Canyon.

As to how busy it will be, that remains to be seen, but using 2017 as a gauge, it won’t be uncrowded by any means.

It at least gives your brother “bragging rights” to having seen the Grand Canyon, and getting to Page by nightfall. Good luck and safe travels, Alley K 🙂 Reply Hi, Can you please advise us which tour time should we choose for Lower Antelope and Boat tour for Feb 25th?

Direct drive time is about 5.5 hours, but again, 6.5 hours or longer may be a more realistic figure as there’ll invariably be those “wow, check that out! Tour for Lower Antelope Canyon Check in by 11 and Depart by is sold out.

Should we choose check in by and Depart by or Check in by /depart at ? Reply Hi Vishal, Your plan is somewhat ambitious for one day, but doable with a little pre-planning.

We also wanted to cover Boat tour and horseshoe bend on same day. Since you are will be staying in Page, AZ (hopefully), I would recommend visiting Horseshoe Bend as soon after sunrise as possible, then head down to Lower Antelope Canyon for the tour that checks in at 10.30 AM and departs at AM. Will be coming to Arizona Dec 31 – Jan 4 Planning Grand Canyon, Page and Sedona.

For more information, visit Be prepared to dress warmly, especially for morning activities. (With the idea that Sedona is closest to Flagstaff I think). Not sure what to do in Page on 31st as we will likely arrive around 5pm (renting car). 2nd – Pink Jeep Tour, Montezuma Castle and well (Anything else). Driving at night in this part of the US is strongly discouraged due to lack of supplemental lighting, and the tendency of deer, elk and other nocturnal wildlife to congregate near roadways at night. If you’re flying out of Phoenix at the end of your trip, I’d recommend flipping the order in which you visit Grand Canyon and Sedona.

Visit Grand Canyon South Rim after Page, then go on to Sedona the next day. Hiking on Bright Angel Trail may not be feasible at that time of year due to the possible presence of ice on the trail.If it is clear, go ahead and do it (remember that 1 hour down = 2 hours up).If the trail has already iced over, stick to rimside trails in Grand Canyon Village and maybe take a drive along the Hermit’s Rest/West Rim Drive. A Pink Jeep Tour and a visit to Montezuma’s Well will certainly occupy the better part of a day in Sedona. Make ALL lodging and guided tour reservations in advance!With crime in Phoenix on the rise and with more people moving to the city every day, are you really sure that you can stay safe based on intuition alone?Trust in the company that has a proven track record of keeping clients safe with industry leading background checks.That way you already have things in common to talk about the second you sit own. It’s boorish behavior and it doesn’t help to foster a meaningful dialogue.

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