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Alas, the memory of Captain Stacy is larger than his life, as he meets his demise too soon during a battle between Ock and Spidey.

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Similar to our popular X-Men Timeline of Events, we’ve gone ahead and done one for the Ol’ Webhead himself.

This list details the major happenings that have a lasting effect on Peter Parker, which are either still in play today, or at least changed Spidey’s world for a significant period of time. If you haven’t already guessed, this list of events will spoil what happens in Spider-Man comics. In these classic first Spider-Man stories, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko do something completely unseen at the time, a teenage superhero who doesn’t always win at the end.

Peter confronts the burglar who killed his Uncle Amazing Spider-Man #182 about 21 years old.

Madame Web, a psychic, contacts Spider-Man, which brings about some of the top rated issues of the series, such as Spider-Man’s confrontation against the Juggernaut.

Concurrently, a mystery man discovers the Green Goblin’s stash and takes on the name of Hobgoblin.

This mystery would leave readers guessing for years, with different writers continuing the mystery after Roger Stern, the original architect, left the book.

Peter dumps the clone’s dead body into a smokestack, which will come back to haunt him many times over over the course of the next few (publisher) decades.

(Note: we’re seeing a lot of consecutive issues for Amazing Spider-Man for the past few entries. This is just a very dense and crucial period for the Amazing Spider-Man.) Amazing Spider-Man #135 about 21 years old.

joins and slowly makes the characters his own, giving us the definitive Gwen Stacy image. 5 (Marvel Masterworks) The Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus – Volume 2 about 18 to 19 years old.

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