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I took a deep breath and dashed in through the open sliding glass door that I apparently had come out of. But it would be quicker if I just ran in and got my phone. Not the safest choice, but that was the plan my foggy mind came up with.

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She had on a tight corset thing that was striped crimson and black. There were some kind of small clamps attached to each of her nipples with a golden chain that went up to a ring at the front of the collar she was wearing. I lifted the mask to make sure it really was my mother. It was hard to tell with only the light of the stars to go by, but it looked like a large, plastic, purple butterfly thing.

She had her long blond hair pulled back in a tight ponytail. It was cocked sideways, but it was made of leather and had shiny silver rivets around the edges. She had on a pair of knee-high leather boots decorated with bright zippers and spikes. She wasn’t wearing underwear, but there was something strapped around her waist and covering her crotch.

I looked around trying to remember what I was doing up and out of bed.

I looked at the phone in my hand, but it didn’t have any answers.

Mom went about cleaning up after all the people who had been clomping around our house. “Yeah, that’s what I figured.” “I have such a smart boy.” She hugged me tighter.

I ended up extracting some kind of butt plug from my mom’s ass. He said he was glad we were okay, but he didn’t really seem all that concerned. I had tried not to look, but those nipples of hers. My tongue worked in my mouth as that thought occurred to me. As uncomfortable as the conversation was, it felt nice having her lie with me the way she was. I tried not to think about how my mom was dressed the way she was because she was showing off to some strange guy online. I could have sucked on one of those alluring nipples. It sounded like she was still pretty wet when I pulled that thing out. I had lost the battle and was sporting a full hard-on.

I picked them up and tried to figure out what to do with them. ” Staggering down the hall, which was moving back and forth for some reason, I came to a door and opened it.

I spotted a pair of boxers on the floor and somehow knew that’s what I wanted.

I was going to deal with the corset next, but I saw a sparkle down between her legs. I gingerly spread my mother’s thighs and saw some kind of a big jewel down in there. I smuggled the stuff back into the house and hid it all in my closet for the time being. In fact, I think we were both kind of avoiding each other. I lay in my bed, the room dark except for a few glowing LEDs here and there, marking the positions of my various devices. It was a soft, light laugh that gave me a little shiver of pleasure when I heard it. You take care of me as much as I take care of you now.

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