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A tear rolls down my cheek because as I watch the subtle hues of light as the glowing ball rises over the horizon bringing with it the hopes of a new day, I feel nothing but sadness, bitterness, regret and anger. I have no one to blame for my situation except for myself so I guess I should suck it up and try to make the best of a relatively shitty situation. And this trip is supposed to be a way for my boss, Lou Grant, and me to impress the new upper management team at our company.

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This week's story is a bit different though as usual.

So If it's not your cup of tea fear not next week's story is very different from this one.

Hi Folks, Thanks for all of the E-mails and comments on last week's story.

Whether positive or negative I appreciated all of them.

It was extremely scary and almost nothing was written down.

Almost any document they did was sent to a server that I didn't know existed.

To say that the culture in our workplace changed overnight would be an understatement.

Men wearing suits and ties to work disappeared, as did the business suit and semi formal attire for women.

Somehow with me though, it only served to increase my nervousness and the sense of how alone I was.

I'd always dreamed of doing this, but I somehow never imagined that I'd do it alone.

They all had laptops, tablets or smart-phones and they all stayed connected through all forms of communication that I'd never heard of.

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