Sql updating a view

If character set differences mean that two keys that were unique are not unique on the remote database, the program raises a Conceptually, a nested table is like a one-dimensional array with an arbitrary number of elements.Within the database, a nested table is a column type that holds a set of values.You can pass composite variables to subprograms as a parameters.

You must store or retrieve all elements of a varray at the same time, which is appropriate when operating on all the elements at once.

However, this might be impractical for large numbers of elements.

Globalization Settings Can Affect String Keys of Associative Arrays Associative arrays that are indexed by strings can be affected by globalization settings such as .

If you must change these settings during your session, set them back to their original values before performing further operations on associative arrays that are indexed by strings.

For examples, see Using Multidimensional Collections. Topics: An associative array (also called an index-by table) is a set of key-value pairs.

TO_CHAR(city_population(i))); 28 i := city_population.

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