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Even worse, it would perform a table scan instead of any index operation at all.

Auto create statistics and auto update statistics Each database has two options related to statistics: auto create statistics and auto update statistics.

We noticed that after we deleted the data and did a normal UPDATE STATISTICS command, the statistics would be useful for about three to four hours.

At that point, SQL Server would start doing index scans instead of index seeks.

Once the threshold is reached, SQL Server will automatically update the statistic(s) defined in the table.

If you have a table that stays at approximately the same number of rows, but data is added and removed on a regular basis, your statistics will become out of date rather quickly.

The other indexed column also had a data type of INT.

The bulk of the table's queries were done against the secondary index.

The report will be viewed by Managers and the purpose of this utility will be for them to check, alter and approve the hours worked by their staff. We want something like this: CREATE TABLE [DBO].[SHIFTS]( [SHIFT_ID] INT IDENTITY PRIMARY KEY, [WEEK_ENDING] DATETIME NULL,[FORENAME] VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL ,[SURNAME] VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL,[EMP_ID] VARCHAR(10) NOT NULL ,[DEPARTMENT] VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL,[SHIFT] VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL,[HOURS] INT NULL) IF OBJECT_ID('tempdb..#Shift Info') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE #Shift Info; --create a temp table for old and new values CREATE TABLE #Shift Info ( VAL varchar(20) NOT NULL ,[DEPARTMENT] VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL ,[SHIFT] VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL ,[HOURS] INT NULL) -- get the previous values INSERT INTO #Shift Info SELECT 'Previous value', DEPARTMENT, SHIFT, HOURS FROM DBO. Open the parameter p Shift ID, under available values set the following: Dataset: ds Shiftsvalue field: SHIFT_ID label field: SHIFT6.

I know its possible to update tables using SSRS but not sure whether it can be done by direct entry via SSRS. I just attempted to post a detailed response, got an error and lost what I wrote. SHIFTS WHERE [email protected] Shift ID; -- make the update UPDATE DBO. In your report create a tablix and tie it to ds Output. Now you have a report that has a drop down which allows you to select the shift that you want as well as text boxes for each of the fields you discussed changing.

Also, if you have a very large table, it may take quite a while to reach the 10% metric -- longer than you want in some cases.

Manually updating the statistics may be necessary in that case.

Manually updating statistics There are two ways to manually update statistics on a table.

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