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I hope all of you are doing well, and thanks for visiting my website; it really does mean a lot to me, and I sincerely appreciate the support that I’ve received, especially this year. When I started this blog, I decided that I wanted a change of pace, something different from the ego-centric Live Journal days and the myriad of now-defunct blogs and disorganization.

Perhaps that’s due in part to life here being substantially better than it was in Oakland, California.

Best efforts are made to support as many 3rd party add-ons as possible. Disclaimer: Information about Expression Engine add-ons is provided as a service to you, the user, and every member of the Expression Engine community.

Add-on support may differ between EE2 and EE3 versions. devot:ee is not responsible if you hose, mangle, wreck, or otherwise destroy your EE website by installing an add-on that you found out about at this site, regardless of its rating, Favorites status, commercial or free status, or general popularity. Returns: devot:ee has a 30-day return policy on all commercial add-ons sold through If you need to import a lot of data into channel entries, you can’t go wrong. This is fantastic, really wish I had it before now. As mentioned, moveable type support is present, but multiple categories don’t work without a small modification, seen here: https://gist.github.com/d7ba6fd96b953f4e0c20.

If you need to return an add-on, do not go to the developer or the developer's site, but rather visit our returns page at https://devot-ee.com/returns to initiate your return. This add-on has caused me countless hours of misery. But beware of one major annoyance, when updating entries, those fields which you don’t need to update, you just ignore APART from matrix fields. 1000 new entries, including Playa relationships and Matrix galleries, done in 5 mins. Download the original datatype file here: OK plugin - if you’re lucky.

The UI is hideously incomplete, there is no way to stop an import, and it will randomly repeat your import without warning - sometime up to eight times. The default dropdown is set to delete all matrix rows . My client is thrilled about how much time this will save them. Had issues parsing some valid XML which I had to work around, then had new issues with plugin unable to open files. Solspace Importer is more expensive but worked perfectly, and their support I had for another one of their plugins was great. I initially purchased it for one project he said “I’ll get back to you” 1 month later I hired somebody else to do it.

I will continue to try to update and create compelling content and worthwhile reviews for you to read and share. In part on the advice of a few blogger/Internet friends, I stopped splitting up my blogging across various sites and dumped all of my ideas into one site...

I've been thinking about this blog, its content and structure, what I want to do with it, what I write and how often. but in doing so, I've lost something and have edited away a lot of potentially great content.So make sure you change this selection, IMO this should be the default. Then again need it for another project again “I’ll get back to you ASAP” IF you buy it, prepare to be on your own. I cannot get it to work with Feed Burner feeds and other people are experiencing the same issue. I even offered to pay for the developer license and got no response to a personal email. Brilliant, powerful little extension which works a treat.We had 600 stockists that needed importing from an old database.If you’re needing additional functionality that doesn’t already exist or is in development, don’t expect an update soon.A LIFESAVER for me, after convincing a client to leave Blogger and move to Expression Engine - I thought I was going to be hand-keying all the current entries into the new website. Not without it’s quirks and usability issues, but saved me hours and hours of time! We had an older EE1 site we didn’t feel comfortable upgrading to EE2, so we used datagrab to migrate our data.Using Data Grab and some SQL manipulation after-the-fact, we were able to lift all of the entries from the original CMS and store them as a CSV; popping them in was simple! I needed to move content from an old site for a large project with hundreds of different entries. It even brought in the inline images in the text fields. Lots of configuration choices that allow you to configure it to work for you. The ability to automate subsequent imports based on a CSV file opens up the possibility of working with data from an external file directly exported from Excel I had used the older version of this for EE1.6 and it always was kind of clunky. You click to upload your spreadsheet and then a wizard takes you step by step to import your data.

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