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In May 2006, she married furniture heir Eric Villency and welcomed their first child in October 2006.

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Is your idea of a good date dinner, a movie, and a passionate debate about whether Gul Dukat, even though he hurt a lot of Bajorans while commanding Terok Nor, is good or evil?

Considering it doesn't have any copyrighted show or movie stills on its site, it looks like the digital yente for sci-fi lovers might stick around for awhile — or as Captain Kirk also says, "explore strange new worlds ...

seek out new life and new civilizations ..." — and well, you know the rest.

Star Trek Dating also lets you browse other users by either compatibility or at random, depending on which you choose.

"The difference of our site to the many other dating sites is that when you join you know that the people who join are Star Trek fans and with that comes the life values and good nature," he stated.Star Wars is a registered trademark of Lucasfilm Limited.Trek Passions is not officially sanctioned by or related to Paramount Pictures, or Lucasfilm Limited.C., on the Delta shuttle and embracing at the opening of the Trump Ferry Point golf clubhouse Monday.The source also says that the rest of the Trump family, including the president, is fond of Guilfoyle. reportedly loves that she is "so smart" and has a good grasp of the political landscape.When asked for specific numbers, Gough stipulated that he could not give an exact member count or provide stats for the recent membership uptick due to "data protection and as there are paying and nonpaying members," but he did estimate that "there has [sic] been over 400 new visitors every day," and cited that the site as a whole is "growing organically" — or, to paraphrase a particular Vulcan, as well as Gough, is living long and prospering.

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