Starting a new dating site

At Facebook’s annual developer conference on Tuesday, Mr.Zuckerberg revealed that the world’s largest social network will soon offer an online dating service.

As founder, you are always the biggest investors and should apply the same reality checks.

Related: 1 Billion Matches Later, Tinder Can Trace Its To-the-Moon Growth to Signing Up Sorority Girls How well does your latest startup idea avoid the challenges outlined here?

Look for a business opportunity with low customer churn potential.

Dating sites are tagged as having historically high failure rates and a hint of business hustle, so they are avoided by professional investors.

Facebook spent $150 million before positive cash flow.

For a new startup, the best way to assure survival is to file patents or other intellectual property to keep future competitors from copying your success.More recently, it introduced photo filters and visual storytelling tools reminiscent of rival social network Snapchat. Zuckerberg also said that his company would roll similar Snapchat-like tools onto Instagram, which Facebook acquired in 2012. Zuckerberg and Facebook’s chief product officer, Chris Cox, made a point of saying the new offering was designed with privacy and safety in mind.When you create a profile for the dating service, they said, it will not be visible to your existing Facebook friends.Yet almost no one in this business makes any money, since it comes with a larger list of challenges than most other opportunities I see.Related: This Dating App Lets Your Actual Heart Choose Your Matches Thus, I encourage you to consider these challenges as reality checks for your own business idea -- dating or otherwise -- before spending all your time and someone else’s money in vain. — Mark Zuckerberg may have laughed off questions that Facebook is too powerful when he appeared in front of Congress last month.

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