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To keep from being kited from ranged classes, use Hamstring this will keep your target slowed and easier in your grasp, it is also off the GCD making it invaluable, coupled with Staggering shout your target wont go anywhere, and humorously some players will trinket a stagger giving your stun a nice juicy full duration without fear of being trinketed.

Heroic Leap with Double Time will give you 3 chances to close in to your target as well along with hamstring.

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And Warriors who wish to carry the flag or other roles needed for damage soaking will choose Protection.

Warriors no longer need to stance dance in order to use their moves, The general tactics for arms, is to keep Mortal Strike up on your target so that your Deep Wounds will always be on target, also Mortal strike will give you 2 Taste for Blood charges which enable your Overpower which generally will almost always crit and cannot be parried or dodged and what not.

The class has good attack speed and mobility and can close on a target quickly, combine this with an essential pvp debuff of 25% less healing on his target and Taste for Blood makes the class very dangerous.

The warrior always does damage and does not need to break for mana.

can be any valid Unit Id sequence as described in Id .

For example, @player, @pet, @target, @targettarget. Note that the rank of the spell must always appear before the '@' symbol. Lazy Script is able to perform multiple of these actions on a single line provided that the line has at most one action that triggers the global cooldown.

This ability will deny enemy abilities that require a melee weapon (there are many of these for these melee classes), as well as maximize damage differential in the warrior's favor.

The timing of Disarming a rogue is critical to preventing of the rogue's finishing move, whereas against Shaman and Paladin, you just want to get in this move as often as you can.

A warrior's major problem is often to avoid being kited by more ranged-oriented classes or being starved for rage.

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