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It all started with a rumor, and then a day (to me hours) before the said episode. The Wonder Girls are in the US trying to reach their dream and Super Junior is currently dominating Asia.

I think their Come to Play episode with Super Junior came as a shock to a lot of people. Fans in soompi, youtube and twitter really love the pairing but I don’t know if it will go anywhere than where it is now. I mean she knows what she wants and she’s concentrated at it.

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Leeteuk on his caption send his wishes to Sunye's baby to be always healthy and live happily.

While Donghae, who got actually embroiled with a dating scandal with Sunye long before reminisced the good times while promoting together in the past and also wishes her baby be healthy and happy. On December 10th, there were reports stating that Wonder Girls' Sunye decided to retire from the entertainment industry according to her interview from a charity concert at a church in New Jersey, which has shocked many fans.

Eli shocked everyone, including his fellow members, when he announced that he'd been married for over a year, since June 2014. She married her basketball husband Im Hyo-sung in 2010.

He married model Ji Yeon-soo, who is 11 years his junior, and became a father to son Michael Min-soo Kim in 2016. Shortly after the marriage Soyul had their first child. The couple welcomed their first son Im Yoo that same year and in 2013 they welcomed twin daughters, Im Ra-yool and Im Rae-hee into the world.

Some of them even have done crazy things for the audience. I never really thought that a scandal will come alive with the few variety appearances of the Wonder Girls, but it did.

Kyu Hyun actually made that clear against Leeteuk in the episode. People in soompi confirmed the Wonder Girls’ guesting. A group that has made an everlasting mark in variety. I’ve seen the episode and I’ll tell you, there might be something genuine there between Sunye and Donghae. Super Junior is a group known to stretch the truth for entertainment. He has never been known to push reality to provide entertainment. After Lee Joon and Hyomin, this is the next scandal to actually excite the fans. So it was hard for me to believe everything that the leader of Super Junior is exposing for the first time. I’m excited to see what’s next with this scandal or maybe a closure. I hope the same fate won’t happen with Sunye and Donghae. After that, she quit the entertainment industry and focus on taking care of her two daughters. In December 2014, Super Junior’s Sungmin married a musical actress named Kim Sa Eun and surprised fans. T and Soyul Crayon Pop also ended their dating status and marched toward the marriage stage.

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