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The values of ​​Fantasy are health of the partners, sex-positivity, deepening of feelings, mutual consent.. Prostir (Science, Education, Experience) is a space for those who support the idea of popularization of knowledge and education about sexuality.Trân trọng cảm ơn anh Tony Tran vì đã sáng lập ra trang Vietdating để giúp những tâm hồn đơn độc được hạnh phúc vì tìm được nửa của mình . Và chúng em nói chuyện rất nhiều mỗi ngày trong suốt hơn 2 năm qua...And I would be glad to start educational projects in this field, the ones like this and this.

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Online chatting is a popular way to find love and serious commitment.

There're lots of Vietnamese dating sites over the Internet, but the point is not all of them are great quality giving best service to its customers.

There are 3 spheres that I am interested in: social discovery startups (on-line dating), digital marketing/marketing technologies and human sexuality.

It is difficult to explain why the combination looks like this — it has happened for some historical reasons.

It’s been a long time since I last updated my Linked In.

Having returned from the trip I have made my profile refresh, want to sum up here the entrepreneurship experience of mine and point out my future focus: In these years we have been working in three totally different businesses : — consulting (we helped huge telecom company with its business model, assisted a large travel company in business model transformation), — startups (we witnessed the launch of the startup accelerator East Labs, acted as startup consultants and mentors, created startups for investors) — digital marketing (we launched the social network for Huggies with 350k MUV results in 2013, called “Svit Mam” — the on-line community for mothers; in 2015 implemented a huge project for Johnson & Johnson Russia for brand o.b, the branded service called “30 days of confidence” which helps woman become more confident; have made a fantastic promo for Activia that had more than 800 000 visits over 5 weeks, and many other great projects — long-term platforms and short-term promos).

But I feel that we live in the world where genuine desires go beyond the scope of social standards; we don’t want to live the way we used to, while new rules have not yet been set. That is why I study the history of sexuality, different aspects of sexuality, the LGBT community, if you are concerned negatively about the subject this article (in russian); I support feminist ideas, I like the thoughts of Esther Perel, enjoy the style of a certain Tamara (in russian) on LH, and in general, I study everything available on the topic.

Bertrand Russell (one of the most influential logicians of the XX cent.) was also thinking about sexuality and wrote several interesting works in the middle of the XX cent. I have already managed to give a talk on the history of sexuality and sexual contexts.

And if on-line dating and digital marketing/marketing technologies are more or less clear with, the subject of sexuality needs some more details to be given.

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