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Still, the financial freedom he afforded her was more than worth it to her.

Not only did I get turned on by Cindy’s comment of how fine I looked, whether she meant it as a joke or not, but when she stepped towards me to play with my collar I also managed to briefly look down her dress at the melons that were her breasts.

My dad looked slightly annoyed at Cindy’s attempt to get friendly with me by flirting like I was a customer of hers at the club, so he reached over and gently pulled her over to him.“Hey, hey, hey, don’t go stealing my future wife, son.

Cindy was one of the VIP hostesses that took care of my dad and his group from work, and pretty soon she started taking care of my dad in ways that did not fit into her job description.

It wasn’t long after their first few private ‘VIP sessions’ together that my dad told me that he was getting married to a girl from the club. Not only did he try to drive my mother, the sweetest woman in the world, out of our lives simply because she challenged his dog-like behavior, but now he wanted to bring home this woman from the club, who likely was only really interested in his money.

Cindy walked towards me, one high-heeled foot in front of the other, as if she were walking the catwalk in a fashion show.

She extended her hand towards me and I weakly shook it.“Hi, Michael, it’s great to finally meet you. ”“Um, I’m sixteen,” I awkwardly squeaked out.“Wow, only sixteen and looking so fine.Our mobile text messages are intended for subscribers over the age of 13 and are delivered via USA short code 7740. You may receive up to 4 messages per month for 1 year. Another two small spurts also came out, one landing in my pubic hair, while the final one dripped down the length of my shaft.I lay on my bed, my lower body still covered in cum as I fought to regain my breath.As a sixteen-year-old boy, I naturally had a lot of sexual energy stored up inside of me, and learning that I was going to get a hot stepmom that seemed to enjoy flirting with her future husband’s son, definitely added fuel to the fire.

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