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There is no doubt that she is amazing and any men would be lucky to have her so who is that lucky man? Let us find out about her dating life and boyfriend here!!!!!!Tamara, a fabulous actress currently seems to be single with no news of a boyfriend. From real-life couples, adorable families like Mario Lopez & Co., on screen co-stars or behind-the-scenes creatives striking a pose with one of their actors the Daytime Emmy red carpet was filled with smiling faces.

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As much as they love her they are also curious to know about her dating life.

The problem was the story behind it, with the Zach issue that outraged many.

Because for many lesbians it just doesn’t ring true that a man would come into the equation.”The anger of the fans was not abated in any way by statements made by head writer Chuck Pratt in his interview with Michael Logan of .“If Tamara decided to stay, keeping her on the show as an angry lesbian — with no other lesbian characters on the canvas — would be kind of insane,” Pratt said.

I am in no way affiliated with hier person, her management, nor her family.

All content, except otherwise noted, is copyrighted to their original owners and no infringement is intended and no rights implied.She eventually returned, decided to give Reese a second chance, and took her back with her to France to work on their relationship once again — off screen.“They weren’t putting the breaks on with the kissing — they were how a couple would be,” notes Fairman.“Now, that being said, commendable that they did a same-sex wedding, commendable that they did their research, commendable that they did it.Bianca’s brother-in-law, Zach (Thorsten Kaye), became the third arm of an underdeveloped love triangle and surprisingly, the core character of Bianca became inexplicably absent.Daytime’s first same sex wedding was performed on Valentine’s Day, 2009, but the marriage ended the next day when Bianca found out that Reese had kissed Zach the night before at the rehearsal dinner. Bianca flew back to Paris leaving many fans of the storyline furious.Tamara Braun Online is a gossip and candids free zone.

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