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People will share their opinion for the better or the worst. While many are outraged at the detainment of Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts, not all are shocked.Not too long ago I was walking with a close male friend who is white.

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In the smaller towns of these regions, especially towns that are predominantly white; teens are less likely to do anything that would earn them disapproval from the community; this includes interracial dating.

In smaller towns, everyone knows each other and rumor spreads FAST.

When you’re in a group of relative strangers, such as at a cocktail party, with multiple couples, and someone singles you out and asks with arched eyebrow, “So how did you two meet?

” the implication is usually not one of pure curiosity, but incredulity.

The translation can often be read as: “I’m sorry but how on Earth did you two end up together?

It just doesn’t make sense…at least not to me.”Just as it apparently didn’t make sense to the police officers, and whichever witnesses allegedly sent them to the scene.

As someone who has attended multiple high schools around the U.

S., I can tell you that the appearance of interracial dating is almost entirely dependent on the location.

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