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Cathy provides training in alignment with the Center’s integrated approach for supporting survivors of domestic and sexual violence.She uses her survivor, family, community, provider and administrative perspectives to facilitate organizational change at local, state and national levels.TCFV is pleased to host the One in the Movement Regional Advocate Trainings.

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This interactive workshop will explore the importance of understanding federal guidelines that enhance access to LEP survivors and developing a language access plan using an intersectional approach.

Jose Juan Lara, Jr., MS, has been involved in the movement against gender violence since 1999 in Texas and has facilitated workshops at national, state, and local conferences on crisis intervention, systems advocacy for victims of family and sexual violence, and LGBTQ victims of interpersonal violence.

This webinar will explore how to navigate respecting faith practices and beliefs as an advocate, as well as diving into ways in which faith can be elevated as a healing tool for survivors.

Additionally, we will highlight various religion’s principles and the way that they often intersect with family violence in order to create deeper understanding of how to hold space for a survivor’s faith.

Re Centering Services: Understanding Rules Reduction in Shelter & Services Interested in enhancing your ability to provide trauma-informed & survivor-centered services at your agency?

Ever wondered how to approach reducing rules for services while still offering a supportive service environment?

OIM | Safety and Services (Coming Soon..)This session highlights the context of chronic poverty, economic deprivation, and racial and social inequity for some victims and families.

In listening sessions, black advocates, victims, and survivors reported that black women experiencing poverty identified a mismatch in services – between what many low-income victims of color identify as their most pressing needs and the services that are available – which places women at increased risk.

Traditional advocacy services and safety planning are crucial and must continue to provide desperately needed services.

At the same time, there is urgent need to further increase safety by developing and strengthening culturally relevant interventions and advocacy services. LGBTQ Legal Issues for Domestic Violence Advocates This webinar will assist advocates working with LGBTQ survivors who are engaged in criminal and civil legal processes related to the abuse they’ve experienced.

Immigration legal experts will answer questions such as: • What should noncitizen survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault do if they come into contact with local or state law enforcement?

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