Precious cams app - Teen forgets to turn off webcam

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Most laptops today come with a built-in webcam — some with a standard camera used for Skype and other web-conferencing, some with IR cameras for Windows Hello facial recognition.

And pretty much all laptops also come with a built-in microphone to be used in conjunction with the camera.

This webcam cover keeps you private without looking tacky Keep in mind that only the only way to guarantee the camera or microphone is disabled is to do so physically, either by removing it entirely or just disconnecting the internal cables.

Odds are you won't have to personally go that far — yet — but remember that for the future.

Many people use sticky notes or electrical tape as a cheap and immediately-available cover, but other people prefer something a bit more professional.

In those cases, you'll want to check out a cheap little accessory that slips over your webcam and has a slide for when you actually do want to use it.

If you think your computer might be infected with malware, scan it before doing anything else.

Even if you have your webcam and microphone disabled, you don't know exactly what the virus is targeting.

In this case, on a Lenovo Think Pad, the integrated camera and microphone options are located in the I/O Port Access section of the Security tab.

After disabling both options, you can save and exit the BIOS and your PC will cycle again through the boot process until Windows starts.

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